20 Indicator Signs of a True Crafter

Does This Sound Like You?

Many years ago, when I had just started to scrapbook I would go everyHow can someone tell you are a crafter? Thursday night to the Scrapbook King Store in Medford, Oregon. I met some wonderful people who shared so much knowledge with me. This was the inspiration for Creatively Carol’s Craft Room. One night someone said to the owner “I sure wish you would put Safeway (it’s a grocery store) on the top of your receipts, that way when my husband saw them it wouldn’t even pay any attention to it!” So when Close to my Heart posted the picture below, my mind went back in time to that moment. Such wonderful memories there. It is because of this I thought you would enjoy this post.

20 Ways to Know Your a True Crafter

  1. You don’t particularly like to tell your husband how much you spend on craft supplies.
  2. You always keep the door to your crafting room shut because the craft room isn’t tidy.
  3. You believe embellishments are a girl’s best friend.
  4. Mistakes aren’t actually mistakes, they are embellishment opportunities.
  5. You subscribe to crafting and homemaking magazines…and may even scrapbook your favorite magazine pages… think cookbooks.
  6. You believe there is no such thing as too much glitter.
  7. At any given time, you’re working on 10+ projects simultaneously, But you WILL finish them all…one day.
  8. When someone asks “Where did you get that?” and you get to say “I made it” it’s basically the best.
  9. You don’t throw away ANY scrap paper. Honestly who would do that?
  10. Your heart melts when you stumble across members randomly looking through your scrapbooks.
  11. You lose track of time (and reality) when you’re crafting.
  12. You don’t understand anyone who thinks that storing their photos on their computer or on social media is “good enough”
  13. Martha is your Queen Bee.
  14. You frequently see things at the store and think “Sheesh I could make that myself at half the price!”
  15. You see something cute for a project “you might make one day” your willpower goes right out the door.
  16. Trying to clean your crafting room is basically impossible.
  17. The problem is always the size of your crafting room is never the size of your stash.
  18. Speaking of your stash…no one needs to know jut how much stuff you have.
  19. Using your favorite crafting materials to create a gift for a friend is like giving them a piece of your soul.
  20. You will make all the things forever and ever.

If this describes you, then welcome! You have found your people! We’re a company that loves crafting so much we make it possible for people to earn a living by crafting in their own homes!


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