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Are You Ready for Thanksgiving?

I'm the baby in the back Are you all prepared for Thanksgiving?  I know I’m close, but there are still things to be done – like buy the turkey!  Actually this was planned – I don’t have a lot of room to thaw it out, so buying it at the last minute (but with still enough time to thaw) makes sense. Are you cooking this year?

I would really love to know more about YOUR Thanksgiving traditions. Do you set a table or a buffet? Do you like to have specific seating for everyone. I remember when I was little, my Nonnie (grandmother on mother’s side) had assigned seats every holiday. They were always in the same places. I don’t know if she did this out of a sense of tradition or out of necessity as my father was the only one left-handed and needed to be put in the corner where his elbow was not hitting anyone else.  In this photo my father must be taking the photo because my grandfather is in dad’s spot. (I am the baby in the back right side.) I am getting off track… here is an idea for your Thanksgiving table.

Make Place cards for your Thanksgiving table. These could even be madeSet your Thanksgiving table with Placecards

by the children if you wanted.  Just take a 3″ x 4″ piece of cardstock and fold it in half on the 4″ side.  You can then take a piece of patterned paper cut at #’ x 2″ to go in front. Then cut a piece of plain cardstock  2 ¾” x 1″ and either write or stamp the name of the guest.  This place card holder is embellished with the pumpkin stamps on the left.

Please leave a comment below and tell me about  your Thanksgiving traditions.

Tomorrow we will talk about napkin rings


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