Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Placecards & Napkin Rings for ThanksgivingWhether you are setting a table with place cards like we talked about yesterday, or serving buffet style and want to add a creative touch these napkin rings with do the trick.  Whether you like cute papers to make your rings from or just basic colors your napkin rings will be beautiful.

  1. 1.  Cut 1 strip of paper at 1½” x 8″ for base
  2. 2.  Cut 1 strip of contrasting paper at  ¾” x 8 and attach it to the center of the first strip using CTMH Bonding Memories Glue.
  3. 3.  Cut a square of colored cardstock 2½” x 2½”, round corners if desired
  4. 4.  Cut neutral colored paper to stamp your sentiment on at 2″ x 2″ and attach it to the piece of colored cardstock with your Bonding Memories Glue.
  5. 5.  Using glue dots or a strong adhesive like Close to my Heart permanent dot roller attach the square to the band, and then close the band and glue with strong adhesive. *
  • You can use your bonding memories glue for the heavy gluing, but be prepared to hold a minute or so to make sure it holds.

Now tell me, will  you make things to decorate your Thanksgiving table?



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