Princess Diana of Wales

As I siLook at those camera pricest here and watch the HBO special about Lady Diana from the point of view of her sons and friends.  The story is very poignant  as you can imagine but we can take a lesson from Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. The show opens with Prince William and Prince Harry taking photos from a scrapbook. They showed pictures of Diana as a mother.  These are pieces of as Princess Lady Diana we as a public were not ever aware of, very private pictures.  As her father’s hobby was as an amateur photographer and as a result there was many clips of her as a girl doing the same things our daughters would do. Dancing as a ballerina and tumbling in the back yard to  holding bunnies with her brother.

Diana grew up in a time when pictures were taken and developed and often times put into albums. It is for this reason and this reason only that we are able to look back on her life growing up.

As of this moment, tell me where your children’s baby pictures are. Where are the baby pictures of you?  In the case of your own pictures, depending on your age, there is a good chance they are in a shoebox somewhere.  Your kid’s pictures are probably sitting on a hard drive somewhere.  So let me ask you this… does anyone ever get to look through those pictures?  What are you going to do when you go back to the hard drive and it is damaged or corrupted? You think it will never happen to you, but I can tell you from personal experience it does.  I never realized that these extra hard drives could even fail and I learned a very valuable lesson.

Now take a look at all the changes in media you have experienced in your life.  I remember when my grandfather would take 35mm movies (I still have them) and lots of slides. Film at this time was 35mm and had to be developed in a darkroom. If the back of the camera accidentally opened you lost all the pictures.   Later we had a cartridge to just drop into an Instamatic Camera, a Polaroid Camera for “Instant” photos that, if you left them in the heat would turn black. Now we have digital cameras in .jpg, .gif, .tif  and many more. How many will still be around in 50 years? Give that some thought and leave your thoughts below. Tomorrow I will talk about a solution to these problems. 

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