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Mojo Monday Inspirations – Boxes and Butterflies

Mojo Monday Inspirations 08212017For so many parents out there this is the last day to have the children home for summer. Lots of places begin school tomorrow. I don’t remember school ever starting on a Monday. Maybe this is to give the teachers a head start on the new school year.  Speaking of head starts, here is a card that is sure to start your creative week off successfully. Today we have a quick and easy card you can do in under 30 minutes.

Start with a standard card base and cover the front with your favorite paper. Add 3 blocks about 1″ x 1″ to the top left as shown. I have chosen to put two blocks in each space, just dropping the base just a little bit to add dimension.  You can choose to just use the squares themselves as decoration or add something to the top of them. Completely up to you.

Next take a butterfly stamp or punch and stamp 3 times as if they are taking flight.

Now it is your turn. Create a card using this layout and send it to me either my text at 801-597-4896  or e-mail so it can be posted here and entered into this month’s contest.

Mojo Monday Inspirations is published each week to help you with card inspirations and ideas.

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