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Meet-Up Group Closing by Craft Room Still Open

ToDo you miss a place to scrapbook with others?day I made the decision to close my Meet-Up group. I was disappointed that while people joined the meet-up as members, only one person in six months ever came.  Closing made me sad, yet there is no point on spending money one something if no one comes.

I started the Meet-Up group because I wanted to provide a space where friends could come together to scrapbook and make cards. With most of  the physical scrapbook stores closing it left a void so I tried to fill it. I don’t know if it didn’t work because people are reluctant to go to a house of a stranger or another reason.  I tried adding a daylight time so people could feel safer and invited them to bring a friend so they were not alone. I just don’t know.

I have invited everyone to join my mailing list so I may continue to offer classes and crops, but only time will tell if they will take advantage of the free gifts I offer for joining.  I will continue to offer free classes and crop time.

Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts on the situation. I value your opinion



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  1. It makes sense to close the meet-up group if no-one is attending. I know places like Michaels, Harmon’s, or various church buildings are willing to provide space for groups to meet up if that would make people less apprehensive. I was interested in the social aspect or the group and various paper wall decorations I’ve started. Sorry for my lack of attendance. Good luck!

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