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Happy 2018 365 Opportunities for a Fresh Start

A New Year..what is your goal?As my husband and I sat here last night we were thinking how it wasn’t so very long ago everyone was worried about the Y2k which the turn of the century was called. As a kid born in the late 50’s, I didn’t really think much about the passing of one year into the next – that was reserved for birthdays back then.  Then as I reached “the age of maturity” (whoever coined that term for turning 18 or 21 had obviously never dealt with an 18 or 21-year-old – because mature we were NOT) when writing checks was the only way besides cash of trading money, you had to think about the year changing because you had to have it correct on your checks. By 1999 there was a massive scare about the world coming crashing down – computers wouldn’t handle the changing of 1999 to 2000. People stored up all sorts of disaster materials, underground shelters were being built by the radical doomsday sayers. We just thought it was cool. We bought a special ornament – a champagne bottle with the year 2000 draped across it. I hadn’t even heard of scrapbooking!  This year, 2017-2018, we waited to see if there was going to be a terror attack somewhere.  I was happy to see that as of 1 am here in Utah, nothing had been reported.

One thing that usually doesn’t change is our need for resolutions. There are always things we want to change and New Years gives us a fresh start. While I have learned that in some cases it is better to keep those resolutions to yourself – something about actions speaking louder than words – I do believe you need to write them down. Someone once said, “A goal is just a wish until you write it down”.  So here is my challenge to you. Make a scrapbook page with YOUR picture on it and write down your 2018 resolutions (or goals if you prefer). You may choose to do with this with hidden journaling, or out for all to see.  Send a photo to me either at or just text me at 801-597-4896. You will be entered into a drawing for a free stamp set.

If you need some help on a layout to make for this scrapbook page, check out this link.

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