What to Wear in Your Family Portraits

Answering all your creative questionsHow do you decide what to wear for family pictures? We are having some outdoor pictures done the end of April. Ideas? Advice?

Deciding what to wear in family pictures can be overwhelming  task. Here are some ideas that can help you decide on the best choice for YOUR family photos.

1. Pick a Color Theme Color theme for family portrait

You want to pick a color theme. Colors that pop always make great photos but you want to consider what background colors will be used. Are you having your photos taken in a studio – then your photographer can choose a background that works with your color choice. If you are to be outside with a green background then you want to avoid using green as your color theme because you will blend into the background leaving your photo bland. Choosing a color that pops will give great contrast to your photo.

2.  Show Individuality but Cohesiveness

Another great idea allows each person some individuality but still gives you that put-together look. Are you a big sports family? Allow each person to wear their favorite jersey. You may all be fans of the same team or you may have a hold out for another team but either way the theme of football (or your sport of choice) keeps things coordinated..


3.  Choose a Focal Point

If you are still having trouble deciding here is a great idea. Shop around to find one patterned piece that you love. It can be a little girls floral dress or a boys plaid shirt, but if you find one central piece, it helps to plan everything around that. Since as mothers we  like our kids to be the focal point, I would  suggest choosing an outfit for one child and working around that one. You could also use this opportunity to buy yourself that dress you’ve loved and then choose colors within that dress for the kids.

        4.  Pull it Together with Accessories

Sweaters, jewelry,  headbands,  a scarf, tights, hats and ties all add dimension and texture to your photo not to mention a richness to your photo. you could use different color headbands for the girls to spread out the color and two shirts on the guys .. like a t-shirt with a button up flannel over it.

5. Consider the time

Before you set up your appointment for your family portrait make sure you write down your family’s basic schedule. It will help you see which times may be better than others. Consider nap time – or even afternoon snack time as bad times for a photo shoot. There is a reason the line in the portrait shops are low at noon or 2:30 when kids get out of school! If you are doing portraits on a week day, consider  which is before nap time when kids are tired and more uncooperative or after snack time so they are satiated and nothing spills on the clothes you so painstakingly put together.

FiGrammie and her childrennally, if you are reading this AFTER the pictures have been taken, there is one way to still insure that cohesiveness you are striving for.  Hopefully you have the rights to the photos and thus the digital copy, you can pull the photo up in your favorite photo editing software and change the color tones to sepia or black and white. In this world full of color a black and white portrait can lend a very classic feel to your photo.

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