Color Combinations that Pop

Using Clear Cards

Colors and EmotionsWe started yesterday talking about color.  How color effects emotions and how to use this in your scrapbook pages. If you missed the post, click here to check it out.  I promised you a few more color combinations today so here they are!


Using Clear CardsGoldrush, Juniper and Pear are a beautiful combination. Similar to the color combination we looked at yesterday in that they both are using a shade of green and a bold contrasting color. This card also uses a variety of textures to give it a nice dimensional feel. The card is also a clear card.

Creating Board Books with Close to my HeartPacifica is such a beautiful blue color, it makes me feel good!  In this card the colors are Grey Flannel, Pacifica and Sunset.  Have you noticed in all of these color combinations there is a color that is a high contrast to the others? This is what gives you the pop that brings your eye to the page.  While we don’t carry the board books anymore, you can either make them with your die cutting machine, cutting the cardboard by hand, or picking one up with a coupon at your local craft store.


Finally we have a softer color palette using Gypsy, Lagoon and Desert Sand. Notice how the Gypsy is stamped to make an Combining Colors in your papercraftingattractive background. Lagoon next to the Gypsy works well as they are both “cool” colors and the Desert Sand brings them down to earth. The pop in this case is an addition of Sunset under the stamped image, and the ink in the Queen for a Day is stamped in Desert Sand as well.

Whether you are combining colors with cardstock or inks, you can’t miss when you use the color families in your Close to my Heart Idea Book. If you don’t have one, please let me know and I would be happy to send you one!

Which of these three examples of color is your favorite and why? Leave a comment below and tell us all!

Creatively, Carol


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