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Are You One Dimension?

Are you one dimension? It sounds like a loaded question doesn’t it? As crafters we usually don’t stop at just one craft in our lives. We have periods of time where we concentrate on one type of craft more than the others but within us we usually have in our knowledge possession the ability to do many things. This is where I am in my life, so many passions and not enough time. So I have decided to change up this blog to include sharing with you whatever I am working on, not just papercrafting. I am hoping by doing this, I can share more of my passions with you on a more regular basis and maybe even inspire you to give something new a try.  This being said, I would like to share my newest challenge – furniture refinishing.

I had not planned on this but found a hutch on one of the many local “garage sale” groups where I am a member of the group. It may be due to my age, but I always wanted a hutch to put things on, but I didn’t’ want one of the modern ones they make today. I wanted something that was a bit more unique and the other day I found it!  Looking at the picture I didn’t think it needed much, a new coat of paint, door knobs that sort of thing – not much at all. “I can do this” I thought. So I bought it, even paying an extra $20 to have it delivered. Here is a picture of the hutch on the day it was delivered:

Hutch I bought to refinishFrom the photo don’t you agree – looks pretty easy to just add some hardware and I was good to go… but when it arrived I took one look at how think that white paint looked and thought – it HAS TO COME OFF!

Tomorrow I will tell you what I decided about refinishing the hutch and what I did next. Here is a question for you.. Would you take on a project like this?   Leave a comment below and share your creative passions. We can all learn from each other if we are willing to share out thoughts.


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