It’s National Craft Month and I made an 18″ Doll Bed

I made my granddaughters canopy beds for their American Girl 18″ dolls beds for Christmas.Canopy Bed for American Girl Doll This is my favorite month here on the blog and you know why? It is the one month of the year I feel like I can share all sorts of crafting projects with you. I am sure most of you will agree that we cannot live by papercrafting alone. I have done so many types of crafting in my lifetime from embroidery on burlap, as well as the normal surfaces to sewing to candle making and so so many in between. And this is the month I feel free to share my other projects with you.  If I receive a good response in the comment section during the month, I will start sharing projects throughout the year.

Today I want to share with you the doll beds I made for my granddaughter’s 18″ doll. I looked at some online and was glad MY daughter was an adult and these dolls were not around when she was little. The dolls are not cheap, but you can customize them to match your little girl’s features. However, I could not bring myself to pay so much for the beds I saw online so I decided to make them each a canopy bed from PVC. I wanted the beds to be portable since they go camping during the summer and these are small enough to fit in the camper.

This doll bed is really fun and easy to put together. Just think of it like Tinker Toys for adults! I have included measurements below for cutting your PVC so you can make this yourself. I will tell you, regular craft paint from your local craft store did not do a good job covering the pieces. I tried to use the metallic paint but it had a hard time as you can see by the picture. Fortunately my 9 and 10 year old granddaughters just thought it looked cool.

PVC poles for making 18" doll canopy bed

To make this bed yourself you will need 2 pieces of PVC pipe which run about $2.15 as of today.  I chose to use 1/2″ because I was afraid the quarter inch would break to easily. Each piece of PVC  comes in 120″ lengths ( 10 ft)so for this project you will need 2 pieces.



Materials List:Parts for 18" Doll Bed

  • 2 lengths of PVC Sprinkler Pipe (or 152″ of pipe)
    • 4 pieces pvc cut @ 24″ each
    • 4 pieces pvc cut @ 9″each
    • 4 pieces pvc cut @ 5″ each
  • 4 – T fittings
  • 8 – elbow fittings

Put together as shown.  You can permanently glue pipes into fittings if desired. I chose not to so it could be taken apart and stored if the girls wanted or for traveling. If you have any questions, please leave it below in the comments so others that are wondering the same thing can see the answer here.

Tomorrow I will talk about the bedding for an 18″ Doll Bed

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