8 Accents to Try On Your Papercrafting

When was the last time you thought back on some of the different accents you used on a page? Here are some you may want to think about again… Transparencies  -  you can make your own by getting some blank transparencies at your local Walmart.   Type up what you want your transparency to say and print on your inkjet printer.  - just make sure to let it dry before… Read More »

Snapfish Going Away?

Is Snapfish closing? I read an interesting article this morning about companies that will not be around in 2015. There are so many acquisitions in business these days that the article didn’t surprise me too much.  I wanted to share one of the items on the list however, What is Snapfish? Shutterfly is a Web 1.0 business in a social media world. While it continues to dominate the online photo… Read More »

Thinking About a New Job?

What makes Close To My Heart a good business opportunity?   The holidays will be here before you know it, and there are still lots of people out of work. With things going on around the world the economy is in a tender position. How are you going to buy those presents that you can’t just make?  After all, the kids just aren’t as happy without some toys under the… Read More »

Carol Gomes

Stamp of the Month Watercolor on your Scrapbook Page

Isn’t this a neat layout! This is the artwork for the Circus Alphabet Stamp of the Month for July 2014 To create the techniques featured in this artwork, follow the helpful hints outlined below. Paint White Daisy cardstock base page using a Lagoon marker and blending pen. Stamp letters in Cocoa ink on wide Bamboo cardstock strip; Place Chocolate woodgrain washi tape along top of strip. Use journaling strips with… Read More »

How to use a Spray Pen on your Cards & Layouts

Have you ever found yourself working with a large white space on your cards and scrapbook layouts that just needs something to add interest and break up that large blank area? Today I want to share with you the “Spray Pen Technique”. Spray pens are fairly easy to use and we sell them in a convenient 3-pack. If you use care to completely clean out the sprayer,  your pen will… Read More »

Dry Embossing with Embossing Folders

Here is a great tutorial on using Dry Embossing Folders.  Some of the things you will learn are embossing with the grain embossing against the grain how to get a softer impression Under the video, I have included the embossing folders used in the video in case you missed the slide. Dot Embossing Folder (Z1927) Chevron Embossing Folder (Z1925) Quatrefoil Embossing Folder (Z1926) Damask Embossing Folder (Z1927) Stripe Embossing Folder… Read More »

Great Tips for Cutting With Your Cricut

One thing that is absolutely critical to making your Cricut cut properly is to have the pressure, speed and depth of blade correct for the type of paper you are using. This  is what makes or breaks your Cricut cutting experience. No one wants to ruin expensive paper by  having the wrong settings in place and then shredding their paper!  We have all done it,, especially when switching from different… Read More »

Hey There Good Lookin’

I am liking this alphabet stamp more and more. These letters just jump off the page. Imagine your recipient’s face when this card is opened up, it is a sure smile winner!  The base is 4¼ x 5½ and this card is a top fold. The bamboo cardstock is 3¾ x 4¼  and the wood strip is actuallywoodgrain  wasabi tape and the bow came from the Adriana Compliments. These are on the… Read More »

Vacation Photos – Don’t Forget the Locals

As you do your traveling this summer, take precautions to safeguard your equipment and capture your most memorable sites. While there are a large segment of the population that just use their cell phones for pictures, there are still lots of us that rely on the stand alone camera for those special pictures. These tips will help you whichever type of photographer you are. Protect Your Camera   While on… Read More »

Sketch Saturday – Single Scrapbook Sketch and Standard Card Contest

Monday during your sketch challenge, I told you I was changing Motivational Monday to Sketchy Saturday. For our first Saturday sketch, I have drawn a single page layout you can use with those 4th of July picture you just received from the family.  In this sketch there is only 1 photograph but you could always repeat the photo mat and add another one. Journaling was suppose to look like it… Read More »

Fix Creatively Block with Sketches

Have you tried Studio J Digital Scrapbooking?  Here is a layout you can use for today’s sketch.  If you just don’t have time to spend with paper and glue, consider scrapbooking via computer! Here is how a layout can look with this amazing program. I love how it gives me ideas I may not have thought of before. Would you have thought of a circle to hold your title?  I… Read More »

Write Now – Are You Scared?

Everyone needs a scrapbook page with handwriting Are you scared to use your own handwriting on your scrapbook pages?  These these ideas for successful writing success. Get the right tools -  Different pens have different uses, so make sure you’re using the best one for the job. For example, some pens will smear on slick surfaces, and you have the option of different widths. Test them before you use them. Don’t commit –… Read More »

The Circus Has Come to Town

The Circus Alphabet that is… This month’s stamp of the month is the cutest alphabet I have seen for little girly scrapbook pages.  Just look at all the loops and curlyq’s in this set!  I will be posting artwork all month long you can create yourself with this stampset! Don’t wait, click on the stamp set and order it now! Can’t you just see the possibilities.. many of the letters… Read More »

Motivational Monday – A Single Page Sketch and a Card

Single scrapbook pages have never sat comfortably with me. I did some single pages when I first got started in scrapbooking 12 years ago, and they are very hard to look at so many years later. As you can see, I have learned quite a lot in the last 12 years. I reluctantly show you this page for two reasons; to show you that we all started somewhere and grow… Read More »

How to Take Great Scrapbook Pictures

We all want to take great scrapbook pictures, ones that will stand the test of time. Take this one of my daughter, her son and my son’s two daughters. This was the first time Karen had met the girls and you can see the joy in her face. On the other hand, you can see how ornery my grandson, Ryan can be. (this just might be his picture in my… Read More »

12 x 12 Silly Fun Scrapbook Page

To create the techniques featured in this artwork, follow the helpful hints outlined below. Then use the pattern found on page 38 of our Make It from Your Heart™ Volume 1 how-to publication for inspiration. Cut the following Cricut® Artiste shapes using paper of choice: 1 1/2″ Accent 2 (p. 65) 10 1/2″ Card (p. 63) 1″ “Crazy Silly Fun” Stamp coordinating speech bubble image on die-cut in Goldrush ink;… Read More »

Peggy Bank

I wanted to tell you about a groupon being offered. Peggy Bank is a company that will scan your scrapbook pages so you always have a back up copy in case of disaster. Digitizing videos and pictures is simpler than the old method of preservation—storing them in the freezer, locking that freezer in a safe, then freezing that safe inside a glacier. Thaw your memories with this Groupon. The Deal… Read More »

Make a Party Box for a Centerpiece

Helpful Hints To create the techniques featured in this artwork, follow the helpful hints outlined below. If you missed the post with the supplies click here. Cut the following Cricut® Artiste shapes using papers of your choice: 2 1/2″ 3D Object <9> (p. 39) 2 1/2″ Shift+3D Object <()> (p. 39) Cut the following Cricut® Art Philosophy shapes using White Daisy cardstock: 1 1/4″ <Rctngle4> (cut 2, p. 25) 1… Read More »

The Ink Can Make or Break Your Craft Project

Have you ever stamped on a photo only to have the ink smear?  Did you know you could emboss with pigment ink?   Maybe you have had the problem of stamping with your regular black ink pad and using watercolor pencils, and when you went to blend it, the black smeared into the colors. This is because different ink pads work better on different surfaces or purposes. Close to my… Read More »